Feel To Heal:Stages of Inner Healing


    People are either revolving or evolving. They are either repeating the patterns and problems of the past and in turn, living life on repeat. Or they are learning from experience and evolving into a deeper more fuller versions of themselves.

    The reason so many people despite really trying, stay with the same problems is that they stay in the world of thoughts and don't know how to access how they feel. To change a pattern or problem we must be able to connect thoughts and feelings.

    Though being able to articulate the problem, with language that allows us to express how we feel about it, we can change it and actually heal.

    To heal, first we must feel what we have been suppressing, ignoring, hiding or distracting ourselves from. A lot of people intellectualize their pain. They completely "understand" their messed-upness", but can't seem to move through it.

    Trapped emotions will cause stress, anxiety, lower our energy and in a lot of people cause back pain and illness. There is not beleif, change or quick fix technique that can replace simply feeling and accepting our pain. We can heal it for good.

    When we feel it we can set our feelings free, simply by embracing them like we should embrace a small child. Sit there and be with them without judgement or the need to fix. Just hold them with Love.


    We suppress feelings because we are not ready for them. It's a natural response to defend. We suppressed them because at the time, they were too painful to feel.

    But when they surface, they surface because we are now ready to experience them. It's our bodie's way of saying "You are ready, you have got this.'

    They are no feelings that are " too much". Although it may feel that way at times, it's just not possible. We are completely designed to feel all our feelings. Even the crappy ones.

    Loneliness...Abandonment...Ugliness...Self-Consciouness...Scared Worthless...

    When we heal pain these are just some of the feelings that are coming our way. We don't heal through our good times, running away, drinking or doing drugs. We heal through accepting our "stuff".

    Through accepting our "stuff", we come out of the shadows and we allow our light to shine.










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