5 Reasons Why Everyone Should Tell Their Story

    Here are five reasons why you must share your message and work far and wide. This is something I thought about when listening to a commencement speech by Jim Carey at Maharishi University of Management where he spoke about his late father. Like Jim, his father was a very talented comedian but took a “safe” route in life as an accountant and abandoned comedy altogether. After years of working in this field to provide for his family, he lost his job. As a result, the family struggled for years. Jim promised himself to follow his dreams because, even if you don’t, you can still fail.

    So why not make your message your mission and ensure its success by getting “out there” fully? Alright, here are the 5 reasons!

    1. It’s fun! Doing what you love to do is invigorating, a lot of the time it doesn’t feel like work and could be the most joy you ever experience. What’s more important than this?

    2. The creator of the universe & the universe itself supports you. When you reach and serve others with your work, you tap into something greater than you. The creator of the universe wants you to use your unique talents and supports you when you do. Opportunities unfold. It’s just your job to keep taking the next step and letting more and more people discover what you have to offer the world.

    3. Creativity, ideas and energy FLOW When we share our important message, we connect with our divine source. And our gifts, even if we have not used them in years, never leave us. We just need to channel them. I had always loved reading personal development books, and sharing what I'd learned with friends, family and anyone who'd listen. But for almost 12 years I wrote nothing more than the emails in my job. You live an honest life Nothing is more important than being who you are here to be - it is your only true obligation to yourself and to the world. If you approach it with commitment and an open heart, the rewards will come.

    In her book titles Regrets of The Dying, Bonnie Ware, a hospice nurse, says many of the patients she nursed in their final days regretted most that they lived a life other people expected of them and not the life that they truly wanted to live. When we use our talents and step up in service to more and more people, we don’t leave room for regret.

    5. You can take baby steps — every single stride forward counts Imagine if your favorite coach, mentor, musician, author, inventor, chef, athlete or architect didn’t come into your life. Your life wouldn’t be as great, right? When you allow people to discover you who need what you can offer them, you’re improving their lives, too. You are in fact being selfish when you play small and don’t share your gifts with others. Whether it's advice, a service or a product, there are people all around the world that need you.

    It can be loud. It can be quiet. It can be spoken. It can be written. It can be drawn.

    It doesn’t matter who you are either. Maybe you’re still a teenager or younger. Maybe you’re in college. Maybe you’re from the south or another country. Maybe you grew up with money or struggled to makes end meet. You don’t have to have letters behind your name yet (or at all). It doesn’t matter what your experience is. Actually, it’s needed. Various voices are needed.

    It matters. Whatever it is. Your involvement and your voice matters, whatever that may mean. It’s not all or nothing either.

    Everyone has a story. In fact, everyone has many many stories. And they don’t need to be big stories to make a connection, shift a perspective, make an impact. Have you thought that you should use more story to empower your work, get more clients, inspire others to action or just be more authentically self-expressed.

    Even the smallest and most spontaneous stories can come alive to pull an audience to you. Whether its a story from your personal experience or just an issue you care about. Sharing your stories is ultimately about stepping into leadership and talking about what matters to you.

    With Love







    With love.


    Jennifer 😘


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